Lancaster Acupuncture

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**Treatment Preferences** -bell's palsy -Plantar Fascilitis -Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy -Knee Pain -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -Arthritis and any joints pain -Dizziness -Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow and Golf Hamstring Pain and Quad Pain -Stenosis -Pain management -Skin Trouble and Atopy -Chest Pain -High Blood Pressure -Prostate -Bladder Control -Excessive heartbeating and insomnia with eating disorder -Erectile Dysfunction -Sinus -Diet -Edema -Hearing Loss, Ear Ringing, Tinnitis -Car accident injury -Sports injury -Sciatica -Hip Pain -Shoulder Pain


Personal Statement

I am a third generation acupuncturist with family secret specialties in chronic pain management, wellness and balance of body functions based on oriental medicine that is utilizing acupuncture, tuina, moxa, cupping, dietary supplements like panax ginseng in order to do the successful aditional control of a wide variety of issues and also still remember vividly that I had worked my dad's oriental medicine clinic everyday early in the morning. So my patients typically get benefits from my safe, effective, and long time traditional generation hand down treatment that has been helping to boost the immune system. As licensed acupuncturist, I provide safe treatments of any pain in finger, hand, arm, shoulder, elbow, back, neck, knee, leg, foot, heel, sole, hip, sciatica, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, stomach problem, fatigue, bladder control, headache, bell"s palsy, dizziness, tinnitus, after stroke, chest pain, skin trouble, edema, any injury. Never failed.